Leaving A Legacy for Future Generations

Vancouver-Armenia Friendship Society

Fostering Relations and Building Friendships amongst Armenians   

The Vancouver-Armenia Friendship Society of British Columbia is a registered charitable society and Incorporated under the Society Act. Founded in 2013 and based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Our mission is to provide rural Armenian villages with:
Clothing, Medical Supplies, Financial Assistance to purchase farming tools, seeds, and basic living essentials as required within each community.

To engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the Vancouver Armenian community to help their homeland.


To compassionately and responsibly create a more comfortable life for the people of Armenia.


Be good to others. Act kindly and think progressively to improve the lives of those in need.

Partner with people. Harness the creativity and passion of people through collaboration and teamwork.

Lead responsibly with compassion. Inspire trust through leadership that balances the head and heart.

Thank You to North Vancouver Residents (Hendecourt/Fromme/Sykes) Neighbourhood for your generous clothes donations to our Mission! 

Our story resonates in the hearts of every human being who is concerned about helping others.

The Vancouver-Armenia Friendship Group concept began several years ago as a personal journey and is now at a stage for broader growth and projects.

The Purpose of this organization is two fold:

1). To foster friendly relations between Vancouver Armenians (Diaspora) and Armenians living in Armenia (Homeland). We will accomplish this by providing Humanitarian Aid , Direct Financial Assistance, as well as addressing immediate Social needs of the people. Our goal is to promote a greater understanding between the two communities.

2). To educate the public and increase awareness about the Vancouver Armenian community and the relationship of the Diaspora with the Armenians living in the Homeland; The importance of Vancouver, being the Gateway to Asia and the rest of the World.

The proliferation of crises around the world has led to a sharp increase in the scale of humanitarian aid required to meet the vital needs of the people affected by them for food, water, medical care and shelter. Humanitarian organizations can either meet those needs directly or support local services engaged in the same work. As an Organization, our mandate will be non-political in nature, but simply directed to those in immediate need. We will accomplish this through our established network of people in various regions of Armenia along with NGO's.

The time is now to set our standards high and show that we care through our work and kindness. Please join our cause, as it is a United cause to affect change for others by being generous.

Contact: 604-618-4100  to Help and Donate

JOIN OUR 2017 ARMENIA HUMANITARIAN AID CAMPAIGN, we have collected over 46 boxes all ready to be shipped to Armenia and help local new Syrian families.